Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What happened Today at TNPSC Office?

 About 70 candidates assembled in front of TNPSC office around nine.

TNPSC officials asked our students to write and handover their grievances.

Meantime, Pudiya Thalaimurai TV Chennel reporters arrived to gather this news.

Only ten of our candidates were asked to come for meeting with Thiru.M.Vijayakumar IAS, Secretary, TNPSC.

Our students explained our concerns and probable reasons of this Anomaly to Thiru.M.Vijayakumar IAS, Secretary, TNPSC.

After 45 minutes of discussion, the secretary promised to check the evaluation.

The  Secretary  asked students to come to TNPSC again on 17.10.2013.

Mean time, media persons from Sun TV, Thanthi TV etc arrived TNPSC.

Our students expressed our concerns to media. They also told that we had full faith with TNPSC..

We thank all candidates  who arrived to TNPSC today..

We kindly request you to send your concern to TNPSC and CM cell through registered post with acknowledgement due.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Kindly come to TNPSC Office on Tuesday..

It is observed that about 300 candidates have been affected by this mistake committed by TNPSC.

As the first step every body should send the e mail / letter representation to  TNPSC & CM CELL..

Secondly, it is decided to meet the Chairman TNPSC and COE on  Tuesday to represent and explain our pathetic situation.


  * Kindly assemble before TNPSC office on 08.10.2013  at 8.00 AM

   * Kindly try to bring hall ticket and your question paper marked with answer key. 
(atleast few of us has to bring that ).

  * Address
 Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission
Frazer Bridge Road 

V.O.C.Nagar, Park Town, Chennai-600003, 

* Kindly ask all your friends to come there..

If nothing is possible @ TNPSC, then we will try legal ways...

Send your opinions to aecivilresult2013@gmail.com.

What to write to send mail to TNPSC and CMCELL.?

What to write to send mail to TNPSC  and CMCELL.?

Try to include this details..

EXAMINATION (2009 -10 TO 2012-13)

2. Date of written exam : 02-03-2013 FN & AN

3. Date of written result : 04-10-2013

4. Name of post : Assistant Engineer Civil

5. your Name:

6. Address;

7. TNPSC registration number:

8. Your written mark as per TNPSC Ans key :

Write your concerns in ur own language.

Dont worry much about grammar or correctness of language.
u can write  in tamil in CNCELL online system.

Kindly Ask TNPSC
1. for ur Mark as per TNPSC Evaluation.
2. for Re evaluation
3. to publish written exam cut off for AE Civil  .

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Anamoly ( inconsistency) in AE civil result

About 30 students who got score 350+,  have not cleared written examination.
This means, some thing wrong happened during written mark evaluation.

The probable reasons may be,

1. The Answer key is published in TNPSC only for Square series for Civil Engineering and Triangular series for GK.
  To see answer key click here Civil Engineering
  If TNPSC use same key for all series, then only students with Square series for Civil Engineering and Triangular series for GK, will only clear the exam.

2. Instead, if they do not use appropriate diffrent keys for evaluation, Then certainly there will be serious mistake like this mistake is possible.

If your written mark is more than 325 and you have not qualified in this exam,

Immediately call  9791846922 

Also, kindly  inform your question series ( Square or circle or clever etc..).

Kindly send your concern to TNPSC immediately.(coetnpsc.tn@nic.in, contacttnpsc@gmail.com  )..

Send ur greivences to CMCELL immediately...

For further action send   your opinion, details , or mail id to aecivilresult2013@gmail.com